#4. Don’t complain about anything for a week

On days when being thankful is difficult to manage.

I’ve heard so many people – people I know, bloggers, advice writers, teachers, pastors, family, friends, colleagues, etc – say that the one main combatant for complaining is to be thankful instead. Easier said than done? Yes. Especially in some moods more than others.

Tonight is that kind of mood. When I want to complain and wallow in my loneliness rather than be thankful for my parents (who hung out with me all day), and for friends (who texted and chatted with me today), and for the people I’ll see tomorrow (colleagues, students, BSF group).

So I picked a week that was relatively easy to do this task in the title. This was back during the winter break, when all I had was to be thankful: for a break, to see friends, watch movies, rest, sleep, a fulfilling job that made me exhausted in both brain and body (as opposed to a dull-deadening job), things to bake and eat. Loads and loads of things to be thankful for. It was an easy 101 thing to do in these 1000 days. Even last weekend, when I wasn’t entirely at my best either, I found things to be thankful for fairly quickly.

But today? Nope.

So I’ll make myself be thankful. Habits drive attitude, yes? I’m thankful for lows like tonight. They make me appreciate the highs all that much more. They make me look forward to non-depressing days, days when it’s not a burden to go about and do the normal things. Things where I can enjoy the sunshine (like today), and going for a walk (today also), and finishing all the piles of grading from the past week (yep, once again today).

So even though I was pretty down in the dumps, especially in the afternoon, I was still able to get things done. I’m thankful for these two hands and the things I can accomplish with them. Life is not as bad as it seems when I make myself be thankful.


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