#44. Identify 100 things that make me happy (#31-40)


31. Broomball. This seriously should be an Olympic sport. I would totally train and try out for this. Broomball is my favorite team sport of all time – yes, even more than volleyball, which is my favorite ‘normal’ team sport. Eh, normal is over-rated.

32. Crochet. Granny things make me happy, crocheting in particular. I’m learning the basket-weave stitch right now, working it into a scarf. Thought it was about time to branch out from the chain and the single/double crochet stitches.

33. Getting all my grading from the past week done on Saturday. Not only is having nothing to grade a grand feeling, it also allows me to spend the rest of the weekend properly lesson planning. And by properly lesson planning, I mean thinking about how I’m going to teach what I teach for longer than 15 minutes at a time. I think better the longer I’m at it, and it’s typically difficult for me to sit down for more than a quarter of an hour at a time during the school week. What with meetings, and interruptions, and feeling too exhausted to think but also not exhausted enough to lie down for a long sleep. Which means I end up puttering around my classroom, cleaning and organizing until my 4:30pm alarm calls me to go home.

34. Being busy. I like to keep busy. There’s only so much time I can spend playing video games, baking stuff, doing granny activities, and eating out with friends.

35. A well-kept home. Clean, neat, a place of relaxation and a refuge from the world.

36. Calls from mom. Pulls me out of my work-stupor and makes me do things other than grade papers and lesson plan.

37. Plants. It’s spring! It’s rainy and cold and as un-spring like as possible, but I know it’s here because a) Chinese New Year day has passed, and b) tulips are available at Trader Joe’s, and c) the sun is out when I leave for work, and there’s still time for a run after work before the sun official sets.

38. Waking up early on a Saturday and feeling refreshed about it.

39. Sleeping bags. It’s been so cold, and I’ve been trying to use less of my little electric heater (utilities bill has skyrocketed in the past two months). So I’m super grateful for my sleeping bag that can withstand 0℃ temperatures.

40. Sherlock. What a great 3rd season. My favorite was the wedding episode, although there was more action to be had in the last one.


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