I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain’s work from when I first watched No Reservations a few years ago with my very first Netflix subscription. I like the way he approaches food, philosophy surrounding food, and the appreciation of different locations and how it historically, socially, and culturally affects local cuisine. Yes, he’s profane, but he’s gotten more mellow with the years. Less ‘bad boy with an agenda’ and more ‘old guy having fun.’

I haven’t watched his newest show on CNN, but certain episodes of The Layover is on rotation on free-Hulu. I’m inspired to cook, travel, eat, and share these experiences with some really cool people who enjoy these things as well. People who like food and travel are my kind of people.

2013 has been relatively low-key on the travel side. I’ve explored a couple of local places, all accessible within a couple hours drive from wherever I am. The one bigger trip was to Portland/Dundee to visit M&B. I see Hong Kong and Vancouver on the horizon in 2014. God willing, it’ll happen.


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