Something I’ve tried to quit

(Prompt here.)

I quit drinking soda about 6 years ago. Cold turkey. Haven’t had any outside of a handful of times when I was sick and wanted hot coke with lemon and ginger. It’s kind of weird, because when I was in China, ever dinner we had with school officials and local teaching staff involved both Sprite and Coke. I was more of a Sprite person back then. I liked the lemon-lime-y goodness. Hence the hot lemon ginger coke.

It wasn’t that big of a sacrifice. I like the bubbles, and I like the sweet, but once it was gone I didn’t think of it much.

I quit drinking coffee a little more than a year ago. Cold turkey. I still indulge in a soy vanilla latte, no foam (the closest thing to a flat white that I can find the the states) every so often, but coffee is no longer a habit. It’s not something that I need to get through a typical day.

Coffee (caffeine) is something that I think about a bit. It’s hard to enjoy a social life when I wake up so early for work, and need to be at the top of my game every day in order to run my classroom in any sort of efficient and productive manner. When I’m a little groggy in the head, and my usual black milk tea isn’t enough, then I go for a shot of espresso. Or a nap. Or a walk outdoors.


One of my colleagues and I have started to go walking around the hills of campus after work. She also started juicing, which I attempted two summers ago as well, but it didn’t work out because I couldn’t get the juice recipes to taste the way I wanted. I do a little bit of it here and there, especially in the summer times when it’s too hot to eat anything solid. But not enough to really make a difference.

The key, my colleague said, is to throw as much other stuff in with the nasty tasting stuff as possible. Apples, carrots, ginger, cucumber, kale. Perhaps with a dash of honey and chia. Blueberries when mushy will add extra juice. Halve any of the things that you don’t like from other people’s recipes (I don’t like the taste of cucumber, celery, and tomato juices) I’m inspired to try juicing again. I also didn’t use kale, only spinach. I like the nuttiness of kale. I’ve had spinach so often that it’s starting to feel a little bland. Where to get kale? Can I grow it myself? So many things to try.


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