The year of the horse, 2014

Remember this post? Well, in honor of Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse starting today – a bit of reflection to see if I achieved any of these goals.

Goal 1: Blog a little every day.
Hm. This didn’t happen. I blogged a lot more than I did the previous year though, so I’m calling this done and done.

Goal 2: Exercise a little every day.
Didn’t happen every day either. I did join a gym for a few months from late 2012-early 2013 but it was getting ridiculous, driving 1 mile to go on the elliptical for a mile. I did pick up running, and I did participate in a marathon/obstacle course. This is a victory.

Goal 3: Develop mindful eating habits.
Still a work in progress. I’m more mindful of when I’m full/hungry, and when I’m dehydrated. And I try to take care of it as needed only to the level of need. I partly blame my work schedule (pee breaks dictated by bells) and I partly blame my own bad habit of forgetting to drink water, even when I’m not working. Not a success.

Goal 4: Meditate a little every day.
I had completely forgotten about this one. Whoops.

Goal 5: Join a Bible Study International group.
Yes! And probably one of the best things I’ve done for myself in all of 2013. I’ve learned so much, and I’ve been able to grow in faith in a more mature way. Not the way that college students grow in faith, by leaps and bounds and glorious epiphanies. In a quieter way, more subtle, but not less powerful. I’m so thankful that I’m still a work in progress.

Goal 6: Apply for a study abroad summer opportunity to Italy.
Done. Rejected. Moved on.

Goal 7: Earn more money.
We negotiated a 3% raise. w00t!

Goal 8: Get preapproved for a home loan.
Nope. Not yet.

Goal 9: Visit Mel and Berkeley.
Yes! Oregon was so much fun! And their kids are so much fun! I miss these peeps like crazy. And it looks like they are going to move again soon. Another reason to visit.

Goal 10: Visit cousins in Vancouver.
Need to get this done. Summer? Possibly.

Goal 11: Go to new places in the bay.
My two successes for this goal is the Japanese garden in Saratoga and the Chabot Space and Science Center. I also explored Alameda a bit more, but just for shopping.

Goal 12: Minimize TV and video game time.
Yes and no. I still watch and play more than I should. But I also have decreased both in 2013. More work needed.

Goal 13: Continue trying new things.
New things in 2013: taking an MOOC, union rep stuff, teaching Geometry and Common Core Math 8, BSF, moving house, sleeping later, going to small group more, being more extroverted (which deserves a post all to itself at a later date), and running. Probably a bunch of other things too, which I’ve either forgotten about or have integrated into my life so well now that it no longer seems new.

9 out of 13. Not bad. Go 2014!


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