Order into the chaos ver. 2014, part II

Three days in and my morning routine has been working well for me.

Went on a run today to the park around my apartment. There were an unexpected number of people out and about. I purposefully did not run to the other sidewalk when I came upon a group of thuggish looking dudes. There Dad, did not get mugged or raped or anything. One dude even said good morning to me.


Went to two different parties last night. One for my own small group, and one for my roommate’s small group. Yep, her boyfriend proposed last night right after midnight in front of all their friends. It was fun and exciting, and yes a bit bittersweet for me, but I got over it pretty quickly – thank You, God. The condition of my jealous, lonely, and hard heart gets better every day.

Gor sent me a pretty encouraging message today too. Well, haven’t grown up, no? The siblings that used to fight as elementary schoolers, and who used to ignore each other throughout high school can have a deep conversation like that. Who knew? God knew.


Other things from the past two days:
– Finally finished writing the remainder of my Christmas cards. Mailing them tomorrow.
– Cleaned the bath tub. It was gross. In the sense that things were growing. The tub and toilet are my jobs, and I haven’t been doing a very good job of it.
– Laundry. It never ends. I can only imagine how much more there is for people with young kids.
– Need to enjoy the last few days hamster sitting.


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