Order into the chaos ver. 2014

For a long time now, I’ve felt my life slowly but surely sliding into a place that I don’t want to be. There’s always a mess of papers on my desk. I arrive late to events I never was late before. I forget things on my calendar. For the first time every I lost my keys this year. Twice. My drawers are cluttered and unsightly.

I also rarely read or write anymore. I don’t even journal, and I used to do that sometimes twice a day.

Most of all, I feel kind of bleh about life over all. If you’ve read a couple of my previous posts, you’ve heard me talk about this before.

So it’s time to shape up! It’s time to get back to the basics and remember the core of who I am and the things I want to prioritize in this life. To live with joy and abandon and sass! I miss my sassy side. She comes out every so often, when I had that spat of running this summer, or when I’m hanging around the right combination of people, or when I’m feeling in a particularly good mood. Sassy Bonng is fun. Depressed Bonng is over-bearing and has over-stayed her welcome.

First things first: a new routine. Or, well, a new commitment to a new/old routine. A new commitment to LIVE the routine, not just go through the motions. Because a lot of the chaos in my life right now has to do with poor time management. I used to be the type of person who would keep journals of what I did down to the minute. No seriously, it went something like this:

6:15am – wake up, brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, eat breakfast
7:30 – tennis @ delta
9:30 – coffee @ peet’s with tennis group
10:05 – safeway run, go home, unpack groceries, shower
11:21 – lunch, clean up kitchen and rabbit cage
12:15 – leave for work (art class at Mohr Ele.)

And so on. I think I actually deleted all those files. Or maybe they are on another flash drive than the one I usually use now. Too bad. I would have liked to see all the details of what I was doing back in 2008. Because like I said, I’ve been forgetting things.

I’m confident that I can remember with some effort and time though. That’s how I re-created the timetable above. I estimate that was from early 2010 – I had just gotten my teaching credential but had yet to find a full-time teaching gig. Anyway, that time and effort is going to be expended now. I cannot continue to live in a haze of routine for routine’s sake. Living without purpose and drive. I want that twinkle back.

So this is my first step: the morning routine. I have a morning routine already.  It goes something like this:

Up, dress, pack lunch, breakfast, dishes, pack bag, defrost car (I pour warm water over the windshield because it defrosts faster), leave for work.

Besides needing to choose my clothes and pack my work bag the night before (we’ll get to that), there is nothing in my morning that consists of anything from my pile of ‘Big Rocks.’ The priorities in my life. The things that need to come first because they bring back the meaning and joy to an otherwise colorless morning. My new routine, which I officially tried out for the first time today goes something like this:

Picture 1

There are no time frames, which is a new idea to me (taken from this blogger, as well as a bunch of other time management ideas too), but I kind of like it. I like that it’s flexible, and slightly vague. Just an outline to follow, and I can still say I followed it if I did everything on the list each morning.

Wake up = pretty self-explanatory

Hygiene = I grew up with brushing my teeth before breakfast. I thought that was normal until my first non-Chinese-kid sleep over where a bunch of white girls had orange juice first thing before they even got out of their sleeping bags. I’ve since grown to learn that I can’t handle that. Weird? Not really. I’ve got billions of Chinese people on my side.

Hydrate, Bible = Drink water, do a little BSF homework. Eventually I just want this to be independent reading of verses for the sake of reading them. Until then, the structure of BSF homework is a good start.

Exercise = Well, this morning, I spent 10 minutes doing some hamstring yoga moves and re-learning the hula hoop. Man, my skills have degraded. When I was 9, I could hula hoop for days. Eventually, this will be a morning run or something more invigorating like that. For now, yoga is a good start.

Shower, dress = I’m not a morning shower-er, but if I break a sweat I’ll want one before work. Flexible with this, since on some days I won’t break a sweat with just stretches and light yoga.

Breakfast = This will stay the same. I like a good serving of protein, so I usually have eggs. Will throw in veggies like spinach or some steamed yams as much as possible.

Clean up = Pick something and clean it before I go to work. When I lived in a place with the laundry machine inside my apartment, I used to throw in a load before work. But now, since the laundry is in this shed outside, and I share it with so many other people (9!), I can’t do that anymore. Hey! Upside to moving in April: a more convenient laundry facility so that I can start a load in the mornings again.

Don’t mind the SNSD fan-girl photos. They are there just for my own motivation.


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