Not a hermit!

For the first time that I can remember, I didn’t want to go out and I ended up liking it.


For the past few Christmases, probably longer than a few actually, more like since college, my family have been spending it with a couple of friends in the area. They have a big family and circle of friends themselves, with a lot of cousins and relatives and such. Usually, it’s a huge to-do, and I’m never at my best around this time of year. On top of that, I have a cold. So, I once again wasn’t up to facing a huge crowd of people in an over-heated house, answering questions about where my boyfriend is, or when I’m going to buy a house.

But this year, the group was smaller than usual, the house less filled with noise and strangers. Even the heater seemed like it was turned down a notch or two. It was actually nice, hanging out with the few people I know there, playing cranium and chatting, and not having an overabundance of food to deal with.

Not a hermit, yet not completely into the huge Christmas deal either. That is me. Oh, the the photo is of Marshmallow. I’m hamster sitting amongst other things this winter break.

Merry Christmas, and a happy 2014.


Not a hermit!

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