The trouble with passwords

I have issues remembering my password to my WordPress account. I’ve had to reset it at least 4 times in as many weeks. Finally got around to writing the newest password down. Now watch me forget where I put it.


IMG_2662 I saw this a couple weeks ago at Costco. I’ve seen it before too, on the inter web, but never thought it would appear in a place like Costco. I thought the only places I would find it in real life are at fancy bookstores that have coffee shops inside them. Go Costco. Was very tempted to buy it, but I already have a set of Harry Potter books – two copies of Order of the Phoenix, one hardbound and one paperback – so I couldn’t justify buying an entire new set just because I like how the spines line up to make Hogwarts. Some day I’ll buy the entire dvd set of all the movies though. And I’ll spend an entire weekend in my pajamas watching them all at once too.


Knocked off 3 more items on my 101 in 1001 days list. I’m not sure I’m going to write about every single one of those goals on this blog. I should write about them somewhere. But I probably won’t post them all. It’s ok. Maybe I will later on, after I’ve had a change to reflect on it.


One thought on “The trouble with passwords

  1. If they sold in it my country, I would contemplate on buying either. The spines are great, but the pages are filled with the same awesomeness I already have.

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