#44. Identify 100 things that make me happy (#11-20)

11. The beach! I went to Pacific Grove this past weekend for a conference at Asilomar, and it was so nice to dig my feet into the sand and jump around in the super cold waves. Definitely making it a goal to go to the beach more often.

12. Clean sheets. This is the most luxurious thing on the planet.

13. Catching up with all the fall TV. ANTM. Scandal. The Daily Show. I’m such a couch potato.

14. Coming home after a very, very long weekend of nothing by sitting in conference rooms all day wondering how it all applies to me and the things I can do. Home is best.

15. Beagles! I met the coolest, happiest, weirdest beagle this week named Max. So cute!

16. Winter melon soup.

17. The food at Asilomar. It was good. I especially liked the polenta, the pancakes, the brisket, all the desserts, and the coffee. Though I wasn’t a fan of when the server poured syrup all over my eggs with the pancakes. That was a waste of good eggs.

18. Doing laundry in an empty laundry room.

19. Free food, free books, free pens, free pads of paper. Free stuff makes me happy.

20. Video games. I know this month is my ‘live without video games’ month, but I had to bust out Snoopy’s Street Fair for the first time in two weeks this past weekend because I just got so bored with forever waiting for the workshops to start, or waiting for people to be done so we can meet up. Each wait time was less than 6 minutes, and I tried to reflect or write or do other things while waiting. But I always kept getting interrupted somehow. It wasn’t quality time to do much except tap on booths to earn coins.

Hm…two of the above items had negative things attached to it. Do they count? Do those things really make me happy if what they really do is make me compare the with other things and not be satisfied with it? I don’t know…


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