#44. Identify 100 things that make me happy (#1-10)

1. Pancakes make me happy. Especially if they are fluffy, pillow-y, and filled with nut butter or pecans, or pumpkin pie puree.

2. Going home makes me happy. Whether it’s my own home, or my parents’ home, or my Hong Kong home. Going to my Home-home would make me happy too.

3. Naps.

4. Chocolate milk.

5. 蘿蔔糕. Otherwise known as turnip cake. Mainly found at dim sum restaurants, but certain grocery stores in Cali have them too (yay to Ranch 99!). They can also be found in the frozen aisle of said stores.

6. Quiet Sunday afternoons where I while away the time with eating, napping, grading, reading, and watching Hulu.

7. Cool, chilly fall weather. It makes everything else feel so much cozier.

8. Rabbits. The Tri-Valley Animal Rescue Shelter hosts a rabbit event once a month. You can walk around, play with rabbits, or just take in their adorable-ness. The people who run it are rather Nazi-like when it comes to adoption though. I guess they do it for a reason, or they’ve seen too many people return adopted pets. But it also defeats the purpose of educating people in pet adoption to begin with.

Anyway, rabbits are great.

9. So are hamsters. Hi Marshmallow!

10. Pottermore. This is a great site. I don’t count it as a ‘video game’ because there’s a lot of text to read during the Pottermore experience (October is my ‘Live without video games’ month).


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