Summer 2013, Week 9

Second to last week of summer break! I spent most of this past week tutoring a bunch of kids in English language and culture. Activities I’ve done with them so far:

– Reading
– Phonics practice
– Writing and spelling
– Making a paper mache daruma (purpose: vocab and listening skills)
– Playing Monopoly, with the added role of a $100 fine every time they spoke Chinese (purpose: listening and speaking skills)
– Ordering from a menu
– Singing Mamboleo by Elissa (purpose: pronounciation; this activity didn’t go over too well)
– Playing Go Fish (purpose: speaking)
– Going over a calendar for birthdays and holidays
– Playing vocab memory games

I’m running out of ideas, and we have three more sessions planned. I intend the last session to be this Sunday – I need to set that limit for myself, or else I won’t be prepared for the first day of school. Which really should light a fire under me and make me panic a little, as I haven’t prepped anything for Geo yet, but it’s slow going getting myself out of summer mode. I do, however, appreciate the big bucks these tutoring gigs have provided. I’ve only done it for 1.5 weeks and I’ve already earned enough to cover next month’s rent.

Minus that parking ticket I got in Oakland, that is.


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