Duck Rabbit



I had forgotten how much fun it is to read aloud to kids until today. My roommate asked me to tutor one of her students from the previous school year because her phonics skills are very low (they are), and she didn’t want to tutor the kid herself, because she was kind of tired of seeing her all the time. I think there was also some drama over the mom being a flake with her abacus class.

So I took on the gig (as well as another set of three siblings) just for the fun of it. It is super fun. We go over sounds, and spelling, and then we just read and discuss books as well as other things.

We read Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld today. I didn’t realize it was such a funny book when I picked it up at the library. We had a riot over it.

Also: tutoring makes BANK. I don’t charge this particular kid that much because a) she’s only going into third grade, and b) her family lives in a less affluent area. If parents are willing and able to pay my higher rates, I obviously will charge them so. I am well-trained, experienced, and highly educated myself – it’s not ridiculous to set my tutoring rates at a higher level.

However, I think quality education should be accessible to everyone, not just the ones who can afford it.

However #2, I think people should value education in such a way that those who deliver quality educational goods and services should be compensated accordingly for work. It’s not ridiculous to pay a public school teacher $75,000/year – and that’s a salary that currently sits on the higher side in any school district across the nation.

Food for thought: the dude who pulled in $4 million last year is probably not a reasonable price for teaching. But then, I don’t think earning $4 million a year is reasonable for most any job, the C-suite included. Super high salaries are just as bad as super low ones.


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