Lean in…to something preferably deeper than just this


I finally finished Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg this week. It’s a pretty good read, and she makes some good points. It gets bogged down a bit in the middle when she goes on and on about women being mothers and top employees at the same time. That part didn’t really resonate with me. Tons of women (my mother included) just do what they do without all that self-driven anxiety – they do what they have to do. No complaining. No meta-analyzing. No nonsense. So I’m not particularly convinced in sympathizing with women who do stuff like that. Just do what you gotta do.

I also think there’s too much focus on women’s highest aspiration as being solely the “C-suite.” What is so great about the c-suite? Besides the money and the freedom to make decisions, I don’t see how it’s different from any other job. Money isn’t everything. And people always have the freedom to make decisions – although they may not always feel empowered, or have the boldness, to do so. Where is the conversation about women and enlightenment? Following a higher calling? Something less frivolous than the corner office. Something that changes the world. Something that no one can criticize for being anything less than good.

Nevertheless, still a good book just because it started a national conversation on this topic. Sandberg is correct about pulling both men and women to really think about what having equality in workplaces and home-spaces look like. I for one, have already ingrained her advice about choosing a partner who is really a partner. It really will take one special man to convince me to have kids of my own.


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