Thinking, thinking, thinking. I think a lot. Most of it is random stuff, hence this blog. I record some of it here, but most of it gets written off-line, or doesn’t get written at all. And even if it is written down, I don’t archive it in an organized enough way to be useful later on.

Thoughts of late:
– What it must be like to be a business person. What they have to think about, and try; what it takes to be a business person. A successful one.
– Urban planning. There has to be a way to organize spaces where there’s sufficient affordable housing, green space, jobs, efficient transportation systems, education, and recreational activities for all. There’s got to be a way to make is sustainable and economically sound, and a good balance of profit, investment opportunities, and doing social good while using the resources available in an environmentally conscious way.
– Casserole’s are probably the world’s easiest to make, store, and eat dish ever. The ingredients involved can range from super cheap to super fancy. It’s a brilliant shot of invention when this thing was created.

I can go on and on. But for now, it’s enough to just mind dump this much here. You can guarantee there’ll be more later.


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