Summer 2013, Week 6


So. I got into a car accident last week. My very first one in nearly 14 years of driving. No one got hurt, just some body work needed on the cars. But I’ve spend most of this week obsessing over what to do and how to go about doing it. Quite a bit of worrying too. I needed to take lots of deep breaths and tell myself over and over that it’s going to be ok. That I’m freaking out over something relatively minor. The air bags didn’t even deploy.

I’m a lot calmer now. The worry comes in waves, and the strength of that worry is waning. I’m super thankful for a lot of things, including:

– No one got hurt
– I have insurance
– This happened when I’m older, more capable of handling situations like this, and not in my teens (unlike the other driver) so my insurance premium won’t skyrocket
– It happened on a residential street, near a friend’s house. Even though I not familiar with that area, at least I knew a friend was close by, and that the area was safe
– The dude whose house it happened in front of. Thanks for seeing the humor in my state of shock and reminding me to laugh at myself
– My roommate H and her boyfriend C for coming to pick me up and take me home afterwards (I was afraid my bumper would fall off on the freeway)
– My friend’s neighbor for helping me patch the bumper back together enough to drive on the freeway (the kindness of strangers! I’m sending him a thank-you card with a free hour of math tutoring for his kids)
– My insurance agent for replying quickly, being very wise, and very patient. I will never ignore your emails again!
– My parents, just for being there
– My brother for emailing right away and checking up on me
– My old roommate R for calling and checking up on me too, and always saying the right thing
– That this happened in the summer, and I didn’t have to worry about it during the school year

Yes. There are lots to be thankful for.


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