Current nail polish collection

Recently, some friends and I held two nail polish parties. I know I should say manicure parties, but I very much dislike the words ‘manicure’ and ‘pedicure.’ It wasn’t like that. It was just a bunch of girls, having fun and hanging out, and doing some really amateur nail art. We are not WASPS of the debutant set doing their weekly ‘mani-pedis.’

Now that I’ve clearly laid out my opinion of WASPS and debutants, I would like to talk a little bit about my nail polish buying habits. I tend towards the cheap ones: Essie is probably the highest priced brand I’ll ever buy, with the sole exception of Butter London. I would love to get my hands on some Butter London, but I haven’t yet because the price tag of ~$20 a pop turns me off much more than the quality and colors of the brand. I also tend towards super dark, or super light shades.

Currently, I have these in my possession:

Sinful Colors in Nirvana. ~$2 @ Target. This is my favorite of the three kinds I have right now. Goes on smoothly. Gives that solid, rich color in only two coats. With a top coat, it lasts around 7 day, give or take a day, depending on how many chores I’ve done that week. Downside: It does chip quite quickly, and I don’t particularly like how it dries matte. But a clear top coat solves that problem.

NYC in Mulberry Street. ~$1.50 @ Walmart. I bought this when my Essie in Limo Scene got used up. It is definitely quick dry, which doesn’t particularly work for my style of application as I found out after I bought it. I’m slow at applying. I like to take my time. This one dried so quickly that it started solidifying even before I got it on my nails. It also chips off in layers and sheets. Half a nail worth of polish can come off all at once. It dries too quickly for the clear top coat (at least the one that I have right now – see below) to do it much good.

Last and certainly the least is this Salon Perfect in Crystal Clear, which I’ve been using as a base and top coat. ~$1.50 @ Target. Super cheap, and it shows. If I were to put this on alone, it would flake off within 24 hours. It does well as a top coat with Sinful Colors in Nirvana (see above) because it sinks and melds in with the other color. It doesn’t do well with NYC (also see above).

I’m very tempted to just toss the NYC in Mulberry Street, especially as it gets older and clumps together more on the brush and cap. Probably won’t buy this type of polish again as well.


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