#62. Host a dinner party

(This is a continuation of documenting my second go-around with the Day Zero Project, otherwise known as 101 Things in 1001 Days. Read more about my current 101 things here.)

IMG_1749 IMG_1759


I’ve done this particular item before, but never at my new place. So on the weekend right after school let out, I invited my former roommates for a little dinner-and-game night.

I made lemon and dill pan-fried chicken thighs, broccoli salad, and some pasta (didn’t get photos of the food…we were too hungry!). Dessert was lime jello with cool whip (inspired by an episode of Gilmore Girls – the one where Rory ends up babysitting Babette’s new kitten).

Then we played Skip-Bo and Monopoly, and had fun posing with my current roommate’s gigantic abacus. It was super fun. I love hosting small parties like this. 2-6 guests. No drama. No drunkenness. Just good food, good conversation, fun games, and lots of laughs.


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