Summer 2013, Week 5

It’s been a quiet week. I went home to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We also celebrated some good news on my parent’s part – they were tax audited recently and had to pay a lot of back taxes for an inheritance that they got from selling some overseas property of my grandfather’s. It was quite a blow to my mom, who loves money. But it turned out that they overpaid those back taxes, so the IRS is sending back the majority of that money. Thanks US government for my mom’s birthday present!


…I was kind of offended that National Geographic was located ONLY in what is considered ‘Men’s Interest’ by my local Barnes and Noble management team. NG can be enjoyed by all sexes and ages, thankyouverymuch.


…Spent a lot of time with my friend Harry, as I always do each summer. This is my comfort food in books.


…The neighborhood cats like to come out and watch me train for marathons. The training itself is slow going, but I’m doing circles around the people still on the couch so can’t complain.


…I love it when the local SPCA visits my local PetSmart, which is conveniently located next to my local Target. Which in turn is another favorite summer hang out.


…The catepillars came out to watch me run on the day I managed to top 1 mile in one go. Did I mention that my training is slow going?


…Fruit in salads are a relatively new thing for me. I tend to stick to the basic types so far, like apple, grapes, and canned mandarin oranges. Not sure I like the strawberry in this one.


…Large egg tarts. Yum


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