I can’t be the only person

I can’t be the only person on the planet who gets this surreal feeling every time they jump back and forth from their own home and their parent’s home. Unless I am, and I’m just a freak. Well, I’m ok with that. Most days, anyway.

Have I mentioned how much I like summer? It’s great. It should be summer year-round. Too bad people have to learn stuff on a weird agricultural calendar. Which I don’t really understand completely anyway: shouldn’t the busiest times on a farm be during the spring and fall? Planting and harvest seasons? And that basically describes most modified year-round school calendars.

I keep reading in self-help blogs about being grown-up (most of which are written by people who are barely grown-up themselves – discussion for another day) that in order to be less awkward in social settings, you have to have a lot of practice being in social settings. But practice makes permanent – not necessarily perfect. So does this mean all this practice that I’ve been trying to get is only making me permanently awkward in social settings? If so, then screw it. I’m hunkering down at home to watch Gilmore Girls marathons with a tub of red vines. Anyone want to join me?

Watching The Bible with my small group. The 2012 10-episode production by Roma Downey of Touched by an Angel fame. Most ambitious, cramming the entire Bible into 10 1-hour episodes. I didn’t say it at the time, but it is pretty mock-worthy. It is also oddly sterile. I wish someone would dramatize the story of Deborah. Or Jael, wife, mother, and lady who hammered a tent peg into the bad dude’s skull, and effectively winning that war. I would totally watch that.

Speaking of which. I can’t be the only person who cringes when people cheer and applaud others simply because they are Christian. As if it’s an accomplishment like a promotion to the upper echelons of corporate management, or the discovery of a new isotope. It’s not really that hard – in fact, it’s advertised to be as easy as the ABC’s – literally! So why, fellow Christians? Why? Why must you bro-slap each other when you find out that someone on the newsfeed, who did something cool for humanity, is ‘also a Christian?’ As if your team just scored a touchdown at the Super Bowl? News flash: There’s only one score keeper, and it isn’t you. Don’t look at me, it’s not me either. I’m still working on figuring out what being a Christian is exactly, but I know what it is not. It is not an achievement of epic proportions. It is not something to flash around like a trophy, or a new car, or a hot girlfriend, purely for status’ sake. It does not make you ‘better’ or ‘more good’ or more anything than the next person. What it really should is make you is humble, thankful, and driven to use your talents for the benefit of someone other than yourself. And the next time I see someone update their facebook status with the phrase, ‘…and s/he is a Christian too! Awesome!” I’m going to post a picture of a turd and tag them in it.

P.S. No, I wouldn’t actually do that. But I’ll really, really want to.


2 thoughts on “I can’t be the only person

  1. Bonnie, you totally need to write a book. you have a talent with words! I love reading your blog!

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