Summer 2013, Week 1

My summers are so terribly sexy and blog worthy. Of course everyone would love to see what I’m doing during my non-teaching time (just like how everyone loves to read about my teaching time ;p)! The internet is better for the presence of my summer activities. Starting with…

…Cleaning the classroom!…


…Baking bread pudding!…


…Monopoly night with good friends!…


…Sushi with the parental units for Father’s Day!…


…Drowning myself in homemade smoothies! And…


…Solar halo watching!

Oh yes, my summer is starting off spectacularly. You can look forward to future posts about cleaning and organizing EVERYTHING, attempts to finish crocheting the blanket that I started in 2008, wondering if it is really true that long distance runners feel sudden, unwarranted bowel movements, and surviving three months with no pay check. Hot stuff.


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