Role Model, part 1

Image I’ve blogged about the type of person I never what to be, which sounds really negative to me right now. It’s probably a good thing then, that the anti-examples are few and far between. I’m super blessed to have many examples of people are who simply great.

This is R, my old housemate. I shouldn’t really say “old” because she is neither old, and we were housemates not too long ago – just before I moved to my current place, actually. If she was my only housemate, I would have continued living there.

Things I admire about R:

1. Her drive and passion. She seems to know what she likes and does it without hesitation or second guessing herself.

2. Her down-to-earth common sense. The more people I meet, the more I believe common sense is and endangered quality. Or, perhaps R just takes up more than her fair share of it. Anyway, she has some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. I am always encouraged after pep-talks with her.

3. She runs. Marathons, I mean. Running is one of my least favorite sport to do. So much so, that I avoid other sports that I would typically like if it didn’t involve running, like soccer, or basketball. But she runs a lot, and she likes it, and she does it not because she’s good at it, but because she just enjoys it. So perhaps what I really admire about her is how she doesn’t give a fart about anyone else’s opinions. Not when she has already formed her own. (RE: #1)

4. She’s generous. To a fault, I would say. She’s way too generous with my old (her current) landlady. Forgiving and non-judging too. I can learn some lessons about forgiveness, tolerance, and loving people for who they are from her. I do, in fact.

5. Her self assurance. Nothing fazes her. She is incredibly secure in her self-image. Although she does sometimes feel like she can do better to improve – well, we all do.

6. Her sense of style. Not fussy, but still trendy. Simple and classic with indie twists. Sporty and comfortable, but so versatile that she would be dress appropriate for all occasions outside of funerals, certain job interviews, or situations involving heavy safety gear.

7. Her love of technology. She follows it like a bloodhound in the middle of a hunt. She’s a great example of continuous learning outside of someone in an actual education field.

Things I would encourage her to change, because I care about her:

1. Her smoking habit. Especially since respiratory illnesses run in her family. I worry over this about her. She knows it.


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