Laura Mercier foundation primer * radiance

ImageI love make up and skin care products. The only thing restraining me from buying every product that catches my eye is the fact that a teacher’s salary needs to stretch far.


Last year, I went to one of Nordstrom’s beauty getaway events with a friend. We got a lot of free samples, and this was one of them.

I’d heard about Laura Mercier products, all positive, so I was excited to try this one when my old tube of Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer ended a couple months ago.

Nope, I was wrong. The color on this particular sample was too dark for my skin tone. That, and after awhile, I concluded that the reason why my eyes have been hurting and uncomfortable in the mid-to-late afternoons — as well as why I’ve had a lot of smears on my glasses of late — is because this primer melts off my face, onto my lashes, and gets into my eyes and on my glasses.

No good for super dry-oily-combo skin like mine. I’ll stick to my trusty BB cream.


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