Spinsters unite!

ImageI like Lady Edith’s character on Downton this season. I’ve always liked her character actually, just more so now that her story line is getting more interesting than just “Mary’s-life-is-perfect-and-mine-sucks-so-I’m-going-to-be-bitchy-about-it.”

*Romance doesn’t seem to be in her favor (nor in mine).
*She can be kind and generous at times.
*She wants to be of use, and to do something productive.
*She doesn’t wallow.
*Her character has grown a lot from the beginning.

I don’t think she’ll end up being a spinster for the rest of the series. I think she’ll meet some great, intellectual guy who has more self-confidence than Anthony Strallan has in his eyebrow. And their exchanges will be a riot to watch.

At least I hope so. And no, I’m not putting my hopes and dreams into Edith’s hopes and dreams…I think.

(But it’s true that many people are rather….uselessly unintelligent. I’m saying it because I find it as the truth. Not as purposefully hurting people…I think.)


3 thoughts on “Spinsters unite!

  1. I was not in Lady Edith’s camp in the beginning, but she has earned her way into my heart. I hope you are right and she finds a better guy than Sir Anthony (I say about a fictional character…. what have I become????).

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