The week-to-date

ImageSunday was relaxing. I did yoga, went to church, had lunch with family, helped my roommate write her resume, went to the gym, and spent the last day of winter break loving life.

Monday was energetic. I was happy to get back to work, happy to see my students, happy to try out my new document camera tablet accessory, happy to see my colleagues again.

Tuesday was stressful. Parent conferences in person and through email, long point-less staff meeting, but ended the day with a deep yoga session that wiped out most of the stress. Also, Beth Moore’s book on insecurity helped a lot too.

Today is only Wednesday? Lots of students coming in for tutoring, working on department and MathCounts stuff, lockdown drill was a lockdown, clingy needy roommate is getting ridiculous but I held firm and protected my space without being too hard, a hot cup of Milo before bed…what luxury!


Let go. There will always be some things that get pushed to the bottom of the list. There will always be some things that never get done, or never get done properly. One day at a time. One thing on the to-do list at a time. Protect my space, my time, and my health – physical, mental, spiritual – first. If it never gets done, it wasn’t that big of a deal to begin with.


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