The crazy cat lady

ImagePets I’ve had: Patch the chow chow. Timmy the canary. Yuki the hamster. Momiji the rabbit.

I love pets. The first thing I’m getting when I get my own place is a pet. I don’t mind what kind of animal, although the soft and furry ones who can have quirky personalities are nicest. I like pets better than babies, mostly. It also depends on the baby.


Another twinge of jealousy today when I heard that 3 colleagues got engaged over winter break. One in particular I’m jealous about – probably because I’m also jealous that she is thin, and has a lot of discipline about health and hygiene. Not that I’m a slob….I think. But I would like to be better. I would like to be thin. I would like to have clear skin. I would like to be attractive to guys who can spell correctly, and doesn’t call me “baby” as part of their pick-up line.

Yet, going out and seeking that kind of thing myself isn’t me. At least not yet. I know, I’ve tried. I would rather wait, and watch, and learn, and grow, and develop into the person God wants me to be. And if it happens, it’ll happen.

And if it doesn’t, I’ll get another pet.


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