More than the job

Image As much as I love my work, I’m trying to keep a bit of separation from it and my identity. I am not my job. Instead, my job is shaped by who I am.


I do not have a lot of patience for my roommate/landlady, the owner of the townhouse I live in now. She quit her job a couple months ago because of a lot of drama – the main one that she told me about was her request to take a month vacation to go to Hong Kong. She said her boss retracted that request after it was given. So she quit in a hissy fit. And then she didn’t even go to Hong Kong after all. What was the point then? Just to make a statement? And then get nothing out of it for yourself? Now she doesn’t have a job AND she didn’t get to spend the holidays with her family. Both of which were her own decision.

I wish I can say I had more patience. But I don’t. It’s one thing when circumstances fatefully bring unfortunate things your way. It’s another when you make poor choices on your own steam.

Now she putters around the house. Lately, whenever she hears me downstairs, she comes down too and talks about random things. It is very difficult to follow her train of conversation. We’ll be talking about one thing, and then she picks up on a word completely unrelated to the topic and goes off on that. She does it all the time, so talking to her is pretty one-sided. You know she’s not really listening to what you are saying. Unless it’s about money. Her presence can be burdensome – and I find being around people in general as energy draining already. I can only be thankful that I’m still on winter break, and that I have the energy right now to face her.

But it shouldn’t be that way right? I shouldn’t get to the point of complete exhaustion. I promised myself that when I first started teaching. I haven’t been very good about scheduling a mental health day every 8 weeks, like I intended back then. I did ok during my first year. Then it fell apart.

Well, another resolution/goal to add to the list then: take a mental health day about every 8 weeks. Plan it. Schedule it. It’s for my own health and happiness.


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