Early morning

Image This morning, I went to the gym. Usually, I pick the machine that is farthest away from other people. For some reason, I picked a machine that was sandwiched in between two other people. Half-way through my workout, I got so anxious that I rushed through the rest of it just to get out of there. I had planned a bunch of other errands after my gym time, but I ended up just going home to huddle next to the heater and recover.


I like to watch my favorite TV shows and movies over and over again. I try new shows every so often, but mostly, I just recycle the ones that I like.


I love drinking warm/hot water in winter. It is oddly comforting.


Sometimes, trying to save money by cutting some corners is more hassle than it’s worth.


To perm, or not to perm hair? I did part of my hair in an up-do yesterday, while my hair was still wet, and it turned out as pictured. I like soft curls that are flexible, but not the curly ones that bounce like a spring.


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