Twitter. Tumblr. Instawhatevers. Whole lives pass by in a caption + photo combo. No wonder it’s so hard to remember anything anymore. I haven’t allowed one event to sink in before the next takes its place. Kind of like a Facebook feed.

Then I go and read an acquaintance’s blog entry about a hospital waiting room. And I slap myself for my own shallowness. It’s like I’ve taken tilt shift perspective on reality – it looks nice and pretty and cool, but the details and no longer there. Instead, it is replaced by an illusion of depth, not to mention that the whole thing could in fact be a clay model in miniature.

I took a 1 mile bike ride today, and then I had to turn back and go home because I was getting bored. Summer 2011, I took 5 hour bike rides and the only reason I turned back was because I could no longer feel my butt.

That’s what my life has been whittled down to lately – into a 1 mile bike ride. I chose to spend most of this Veteran’s Day weekend lounging in comfy clothes and watching Korean dramas. Korean dramas are notorious for repetitive shots of surprise/shock/anger, extended kiss scenes, and the entire Korean population of wealthy and beautiful people congregated together to make some sort of plot that inevitably involves a spa/resort/hotel.

But today, I noticed for the first time how long one day seemed to be in a Korean drama. Yes, I realize it is TV. But still, even in warped TV land, the characters seem to accomplish quite a lot in their 24 hours.

My 24 hours? I wake up, a get ready for work, I go to work, I come home, I eat and shower, and I go to bed. It may feel long, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. But I know I do. I just don’t think I do because I end up shortening my day to a 140-character blurb.

It may be good for some, but it’s not that good for me. Next steps: work up to that 2 mile bike ride.


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