Hermit mode summers with a smattering of social butterflies

One of the perks of being a teacher is having ~70 days worth of summer vacation each year. I try to spend it as productively as possible. I’m one-tenth in to this year’s summer break and so far I’ve:

*bbq’ed*slept as much as I wanted everyday (yay!)*watched a kid I babysat for when I was her age perform at her graduation concert*tried new and old recipes*completed a framing project*cleaned, organized, and de-cluttered my parent’s house*cleaned, organized, and de-cluttered my own place (mainly de-cluttered my roommate’s stuff – slowly. So slowly, she hasn’t said anything about it yet, so I assume she hasn’t noticed, or doesn’t care enough to say anything about it. All the better)*attended a 2-day common core seminar*applied to graduate classes for the fall*got rebuffed by an admissions clerk for “turning in transcripts too early” (I was an admissions clerk before too, and there is no such thing as ‘too early’)*set up retainer refitting appointment*read through book 5 of the Harry Potter series*made a terrarium of rocks and shells I collected from all over the world*was awkward at a 3-person prayer meeting, but it ended up being rather nice, and I got a lead as to another interesting thing I could do this summer*vacuumed*watched Iron Man 1 and 2*re-started an exercise routine*baked pretzels and then immediately got tired of them*started writing a 90-meal-plan/shopping-list to make eating healthy easier during the school year*

That list is really just for me. It helps to remember what I’ve done, and thus what I need to do next, when I take the time to write it down.

As productive as my summer has been so far (only 1 week in! really?!), it’s starting to drag a bit. There are only so many days that I can huddle up at home, re-organizing stuff, not matter how much joy I get from that. It’s time to find something else as well. Preferably, something that involves meeting new people, socializing, and getting out of the house.


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