Summer ambitions

Last summer was spent doing absolutely nothing except for eating, sleeping, and playing. I went to the zoo, the beach, museums, and parks. I experimented with new recipes, cleaned and organized A LOT. I even made electronic files of all my Algebra 1 tests and quizzes.

I was also bored. 2.5 months of nothing-doings is a whole lot of nothing doings.

So this summer, I applied to teach summer school. Unfortunately, that fell through. I suppose a lot of the high school teachers already filled the positions. Or I did something wrong with my application and it never got to the right desk at the right time.

So now I’m scrambling to find something to do. The thing is, I realized today while trolling the classifieds, I don’t want to teach in the summer. I don’t want to do nanny gigs for sure, which is what half the listings were. I don’t want brunt-force, entry-level part-time work either, which is the other half of the list. Summer camp gigs seem interesting, I’ll try some of those.

What do I want? I want to be re-energized, rejuvenated – something motivating and inspirational. Something that will recharge and challenge at the same time. Something that broadens my horizons and lets me meet new people. Something I don’t get to do a lot, or at any kind of depth, during the school year.

I’m pretty late in the search. Most of the more get-up-and-go teachers already have applied and settled on their summer plans. My colleagues are going to Italy, camping, teaching, going to conferences.

Me? Besides the above, right now all I want to do is sleep, and reread Harry Potter.


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