In mathematics, a universal quantification (aka “for all” statements, ) can be refuted using counterexamples. I love counterexamples – it was my go-to strategy I first learned basic proofs. I’m sure my professors got really tired of me going the counterexample route when they really wanted me to practice other types of proofs. I mainly love counterexamples because often it is easier for me to state what I DON’T want than what I DO want.

One of the major counterexamples to my life right now is my landlady, A. Mid-late 30s, single, an office manager at a law firm; she’s very nice, and very obliging, and very considerate.

But I don’t want to be her. I don’t want to be like her. I don’t want her:
– eating habits (which consist of nearly only ramen, frozen dumplings, take-out boxes, frozen and processed products, and diet pills)
– money habits (spends too much on things she really can’t afford, which is the reason she needs renters in the first place; doesn’t save, doesn’t invest)
– her housekeeping habits (the house is pretty clean, but without a lick of furniture or anything else in sight, but her cabinets and garage is an image straight from the show Hoarders)
– her speech (Super. High. Pitched. Rambling. Talks so fast every word is slurred together)
– her work habits (she works really hard, and complains about her work even harder)
– her social habits (she puts work over friends and family – it’s taken me a year to convince her to have a roommate dinner night altogether)

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to follow her train of thought. And she sucks the energy right out of me with all her senseless chatter. But I do like living here. Thankfully, the other roommate has more common sense and is much less high-strung. That, the relatively low rent (utilities included!), and the location (pool, farmers market, bike trails, mall, Asian grocery store, hippie grocery store, regular grocery store, restaurants, BART, my work place, and a myriad other things all in spitting distance) are what keeps me here for now. She’s one energy vampire that I’ll have to live with in exchange for everything else.

And it is useful to know who I don’t want to be. However, it would be nice to have more Y’s and M’s (the best roommates on the planet!) as good influences in my life too.


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