Reading: Joan Aiken children’s classics, part 3

Click here for part 1, and here for part 2. We've now come to the mysterious 'lost' part of Joan Aiken's Wolves Chronicles. At the end of Dido and Pa, it seemed like the story of the Twites and the Batterseas were done. But apparently, Mr. Twite had other children unknown to Dido - which, is... Continue Reading →


A tour around my classroom walls

I had never really let the idea of how aesthetics affect my mood sink in until rather late in the game. In fact, I remember clearly one of my college friends and I going to the career center on UCD's campus and taking a personality/career test. The question of whether or not aesthetics affects your... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on math homework

How did I blog for so long without having a dedicated post to this most controversial of topics? I guess I posted a little bit about it here and here, but nothing comprehensive. Nothing that fills out the story, especially specifically about math homework. My observations on a student's point of view of homework: Let's... Continue Reading →

Reading: Joan Aiken children’s classics, part 2

::My original post completely disappeared for some reason. Here's a re-write. But I can't guarantee that everything from before is still here...:: It's time for part 2 of Joan Aiken's children's classics. For part 1, click here. Dangerous Games ( picks up Dido's New World adventures from where we left off previously in The Stolen Lake... Continue Reading →

Polyup: The cutest A.I.

Back in September, I attended a super secret user feedback panel for a brand new math app called Polyup. Since then, I've been working with them on and off on setting up structures that allow Polyup to be more accessible for the day-to-day teacher and their many goings-ons in their classrooms. I've learned so much... Continue Reading →

A tour of my classroom desk

It's high time for a view of my desk so that I record what it looks like if only for posterity's sake. There's a few things to note before the desk tour, version 2018: 1) I lean towards minimalistic, utilitarian, styles. There will be no gratuitous photos that look like the Dollar Store threw up... Continue Reading →


While reading those end-of-the-year newsletters that are so popular amongst upper-middle-class American families, I was thinking back to when I tried to set themes to my years. 2014 was the year I did more of what made me happy, as a reaction to 2013 which wasn't very happy for me at all. 2015 was the... Continue Reading →

When losing makes you feel bad

Excuse the blank post last week. It's been crazy hectic - for many, many reasons including the mountains of work, social stuff to make sure I'm still being a good enough friend to the people I like, family stuff to make sure I'm not cut out of somebody's will, and just the fact that we... Continue Reading →

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